Dr. Kate Hennessy, Dr. Natasha Lyons, Catherine Cockney (Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre)
Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre

This┬ácollaboratively produced virtual exhibit is an initiative of the Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre in partnership with the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Centre. Building on the experience of the first Inuvialuit delegation to view the National Museum of Natural History’s MacFarlane Collection in Washington D.C. in 2009, the project creates digital access to Inuvialuit cultural heritage, representing the collection, its history, and intangible knowledge of objects, on Inuvialuit terms. [Note: the online project is currently password protected and will be made public in early 2012]

Here is a preview of a video produced by the Inuvialuit Communications Society for the Aboriginal People’s Television Network, and which will be featured in the virtual exhibit, with┬ásome highlights from the trip: